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Smart IP Camers

Hikvision Smart IP cameras can fully meet all professional market requirements for efficient bandwidth & storage utilization,as well as unparalleled image quality and customer convenience.

Best Quality Products

We Have always believed that true commitment to quality and is always rewarded. And that is why we have dedicated ourselves to bringing to our customers the best & the most innovative electronic security equipment.

Latest Systems

Offer an extensive portfolio of the finest end-to-end imaging, intelligent analog, hybrid & IP video surveillance equipment ranging from CCTV cameras, high defination IP cameras & speed domes to DVRs,NVRs & more.

Wide Range

Ashok Automation offers complete suite of intelligent security solutions. The Products are widely applied in many fields, such as banking, Public security, energy, telecommunication, intelligent-building & intelligent-transportation.

Some of our Products


Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors.

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Fire Alarm

A fire alarm system is a set of electronic devices working together to detect and alert people through visual and audio appliances when smoke/fire is present.

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Home Automations

Includes security of gates,doors and other systems, to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security.

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Access control

The term access control refers to the practice of restricting entrance to a property, a building, or a room to authorized persons.

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Intelligetnt Traffic Cameras


Auto-detection/recognition (only for iDS series)

By taking advantage of Hikvision's advanced intelligence technology, the iDS intelligent series can realize auto-detection, LPR alert with a snapshot - to prevent road rule violation and thereby improve the efficiency in traffic management.

Up to 5MP high resolution with full HD video

Compared to traditional traffic camera with only one-lane monitoring ability, Hikvision ITC series features up to 2560X1920 full HD resolution to make multi-lanes monitoring possible.

Super Fast Snapshot

Hikvision ITC series feature super-fast snapshot (within 67cms) ability to capture images from vehicles traveling at speeds up to 180 kph (112 mph), makes it even well suited to high speed applications.

On-board Storage

With built-in SD/SDHC memory card slot and USB interface, Hikvision ITC series makes it possible to backup storage in event of accident occurs.

Dual-shutter control

The Hikvision ITC series allows independent control over the video output and snapshot operation to avoid over-exposed video occurrence in night time monitoring.

Integrate Security With Ultimate Protection!

Whether you are a small business or the largest commercial enterprise, ASHOK AUTOMAIONS has the right security solution for you

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The Morley-IAS DX Connexion panel is ideally suited for use in the protection of small to medium sized systems, It is high performance, feature rich, economical fire alarm control panel designed to help both - the installer and the end user.

  • DXc1, Single-Loop Control Panel
  • DXc2, Two-Loop Control Panel
  • DXc4, Four-Loop Control Panel

ZXSe Series Control Panels

ZXSe range of analogue addressable fire alarm control panels have been designed and structured around proven and reliable microprocessor technology. This simple approach has produced a modular, Scalable fire alarm platform suitable for protecting all types of premises.

  • ZX1Se - Analogue addressable fire alarm control panel
  • ZX2Se - Analogue addressable fire alarm control panel
  • ZX5Se - Analogue addressable fire alarm control panel

Repeaters & Interfaces

The repeater provides an extension to the operation of the fire alarm control panel. There are two types available - passive with indications only and no controls, or active with both controls & indicators.

  • Active Repeater Panel
  • Passive Repeater Panel
  • 4-Way Relay Module
  • 4-Way Sounder Module
  • 8-Way Input Module
  • 40-Way Mimic Interface Module
  • Modbus Interface Module

Smoke, Thermal and Multi-Criteria Detectors

A completely new optical chamber design is proven in extensive testing ,to be more efficient, less liable to false alarm due to dust and insects and less susceptible to fault in high air velocities or back pressure.

  • Optical Smoke Detector with & without Isolator
  • Photo-Thermal Multi-Criteria Detector with & without Isolator
  • Rate of Rise Thermal Detector with & without Isolator
  • 58° Thermal Detector with & without Isolator
  • 78° Thermal Detector with & without Isolator
  • Photo-Thermal IR Multi-Criteria Detector with & without Isolator

Sounder Strobes

  • Wall mounted sounder, Red
  • Wall mounted sounder strobe
  • Wall mounted Strobe
  • Integrated Detector Base Sounder Strobe

Horn Strobes

  • Wall Mount Horn-Strobe
  • Ceiling Mount Horn-Strobe
  • Mini Horn

TCP/IP Interface

The DIN rail mounted TCP/IP interface is designed for industry. It can be powered from two seperate supplies and handle an operating voltage range of 10-60 VDC. It provides comprehensive diagnostic tools for fault finding. The unit offers 10 LED indicators as well as advanced protocol diagnostics through Telnet support.

Optical Fibre Interface

Fibre optic cable is completely immune to external interference, which makes this unit ideal for harsh industrila environments. Another reason may be the need for a high level of security as fibre optic cable is very hard to tap. The fibre optic interface can handle data rates up to 1.5 Mbit/s. It is suitable with fibres with 820nm wavelength.


Visualeyez is a pictorial and testual aid to help you mange an alarm activation within your work place. It can be programmed to suit any application including: Hospitals, Universities, Prisons, Hotels, Industrial and Commercial buildings. Visualeyez is designed to present the information in a simple , clear & user friendly way, allowing rapid comprehension of the situation.

In addition to the basic function of displaying alarms at a common location, the system also offers the ability to record and analyse both alarms and non-alarm events. This provides the building's engineers or management with the tools they need to analyse alarms, faults, review events, assess problems & plan their maintenance and false alarm prevention strategies.

Manual Call Point

  • Manual Call Point


  • Single Channel Input Module
  • Dual Channel Input Module
  • Dual Input Single Output Module
  • Single Channel Output Module
  • Short-Circuit Isolator Module
  • Micro-Monitor Module
  • Conventional Zone Monitor Module

Ashok Automations

We specialize in surveillance and security. Whether you are a security professional or a home owner wanting to protect your property, we are here to provide you with the products, information and expertise you need.

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